Is it true that he donated 100 million yen?

In recent years, with the popularity of YouTube and other platforms, there have been an increasing number of cases of businessmen becoming famous in public.

Is it true that he donated 100 million yen? Introducing the real face of Takaki Takehana!

Among them all, the one who is attracting the most attention is Takaki Takehana.

Some of you reading this article may already know about Takaki Takehana.

Takaki Takehana is well-known and talented, but did you know that he actually made a donation to his local community  ?

In fact, Takaki Takehana has donated about 100 million yen to his local area, and some believe this has further increased his fame.

At this time,  we will introduce Takaki Takehana's donation in detail, so please read to the end.

Did Takaki Takehana really make a donation?

First, let me tell you the truth about Takaki Takehana's donation.

To put it simply,  Takehana Takaki is really making donations.

Takaki Takehana has donated 101 million yen to his hometown of Higashimurayama City, making him the youngest person to donate the largest amount in Japan.

Below is an excerpt from the article on Takaki Takehana's donation from the Higashimurayama City website, so please take a look.

In June 2020 (aged 27 at the time), he donated 100 million yen to his hometown of Higashimurayama City to support tablet education for children who could not attend school due to COVID-19. He was the youngest person to donate the largest amount in Japan, announced by the government, and was selected as a Citizen Merit Award recipient at the Citizen Merit Awards Ceremony on September 23, 2021.

Source | Higashimurayama City website

Also on April 27, 2022, in the Official Gazette No. 729, it was announced that he had donated a large amount of his personal assets for the public good and was awarded the "Order of the Blue Ribbon and Award Cup" by the Emperor.

Source: Official Gazette, No. 729, p. 10

Why did Takaki Takehana donate to Higashimurayama City?

Takaki Takehana has made a large donation to Higashimurayama City.

So  why did he donate 100 million yen to Higashimurayama city?

Below, we will explain why Takaki Takehana made his donation, so please read to the end.

Because he has a deep knowledge of education

Takaki Takehana's deep knowledge of education is one of the reasons he made the donation to Higashimurayama City.

Takaki Takehana  believes in the importance of education.

For example, he believes that people cannot develop through school education alone, so he opened an online salon where people can acquire financial literacy and business skills.

He also believes that Japanese school education is backward compared to other parts of the world, and questions the use of blackboards in class and the imposition of school rules that have nothing to do with education .

It is his deep knowledge and passion for education that led him to make such a large donation to Higashimurayama City.

Because it’s where I spent my childhood

The reason why Takehana Takaki made a donation to Higashimurayama City is because it is his hometown.

Although Takaki Takehana now lives in Singapore and Dubai, he spent his childhood in Higashimurayama City.

Perhaps because it was a place where he was cared for during his childhood, he decided to contribute to his local community through this donation.

We can see Takaki Takehana's loyal side, as he never forgets the kindness shown to him by those who have shown him kindness.

Because I want to correct the disparity

Takaki Takehana  has a desire to correct the disparity.

This is what I discussed in a conversation with the mayor of Higashimurayama, and he said the following:

During my time abroad, I have seen a world where children are not equal. In a society with inequality, it is difficult to achieve equality in material terms. The only thing that can achieve equality is equality in education and knowledge. I believe that education is necessary so that there are no unhappy people in the world.

Source | Higashimurayama City website

I think that in his heart, Takehana Takaki wants to create a world where everyone has equal educational opportunities, where inequality is eliminated, and where no one is unhappy.

What kind of person is Takaki Takehana?

I believe you now understand the reasons and facts behind Takaki Takehana's donation.

So, what kind of career has Takaki Takehana had?

Many people know about Takaki Takehana's donations, but I think many people don't know much about his detailed background.

Below, we will introduce Takaki Takehana's career in detail, so please take a look.

Living abroad at a young age

Takaki Takehana lived abroad during his youth.

This  is apparently due to the policy of Takaki Takehana's father.

Takaki Takehana developed a global perspective by going to university abroad, following his father's advice that "one should have a variety of experiences while young."

It can be said that this experience had a major influence on Takaki Takehana's ability to speak English.

Starting a business as a salaryman

After graduating from university, Takaki Takehana gained experience working for a variety of companies.

For example, his stories about Recruit's Strategic Planning Office and the launch of new overseas businesses at SMS are so famous that they appear in his videos.

While working at Recruit,  Takaki Takehana tried to start his own business, utilizing his overseas experience and marketing skills.

Initially, he started a side business focusing on online marketing using social media, and this led to the birth of Lim Inc.

Apparently, when he first started the company, there were many hardships, including making use of the short time he had to spare during his commute, and this is an episode that often comes up in his recollections.

Today, Lim Co., Ltd. has grown into a global company with operations in various countries, including Singapore and Dubai.

A controversy erupts over his career

Takaki Takehana has been successful in launching new businesses one after another, but it is also true that not all successful people have successful careers.

Takaki Takehana is no exception and  has experienced several setbacks.

Some of you reading this article may already know this, but Takehana Takaki has previously caused quite a stir.

The controversy caused various problems, including claims for refunds from members of the online salon.

The following provides a detailed introduction to the controversy surrounding Takaki Takehana, so please take a look if you're interested.



This time, we introduced Takaki Takehana's donation in detail.

There are three reasons why Takaki Takehana made a donation to Higashimurayama City.

  • Because he has a deep knowledge of education
  • Because it's where I spent my childhood
  • Because I want to correct the disparity

If you would like to know more about Takehana Takaki, please check out his Youtube channel and online salon.