[Big controversy] Takaki Takehana and Yuta Misaki

[Big controversy] Takaki Takehana and Prince of Green Juice (Yuta Misaki) have a forbidden collaboration! What is the surprising face that Takaki Takehana showed?


Last October,  Takaki Takehana came under fire for allegedly falsifying his resume as a former Google employee. At the time,  Yuta Misaki  , also known as the “Aojiru Prince,” mocked and criticized Takehana, calling him the “Reiwa era's Shaun T.”

However, this summer, Takehana and Misaki met for the first time and collaborated on their respective YouTube channels.

Why did these two people with such a deep connection end up having a conversation?

What is Takaki Takehana doing now?

We will get to the bottom of the truth behind this mysterious collaboration.


Why did Takaki Takehana become embroiled in controversy? Explains the circumstances

We will explain the circumstances surrounding the controversy surrounding Takaki Takehana.

Why did Takehana end up in such a controversy?

In October 2020, a business YouTuber, Takaki Takehana, was accused of falsifying his resume, causing a stir on the Internet at the time.

The main reason for the outrage was that he described his experience as a contract worker at Google as being a "former Googler."

In response, Shintaro Tabata posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he described Takaki Takehana as a "former Googler," causing a huge outrage.

After Tabata's video was released, many other YouTubers released videos about Takehana Takaki, further fuelling the controversy.

The controversy began with a video by Shintaro Tabata

Takehana himself sold an AI-based Instagram marketing tool (the business has now been sold), and was also involved in the launch and management of the online school MUP College (now UR-U).

At the time, he was active in a wide range of fields, including attracting nearly 400,000 subscribers on YouTube.

This suspicion of falsifying his resume was the beginning of the revelation that the villa he claimed to own in Bali was actually a property available to rent on Airbnb.

Various suspicions arose, including the use of synthetic materials at overseas office sites and for recipients of the Takehana Foundation's support, which sparked a huge outrage.

Regarding these controversies, Takehana echoed Misaki's comments on YouTube, describing his feelings at the time as "like coming down from heaven to earth."

Regarding the false claim of being a "former Googler" that sparked the controversy, the company admitted that it was a contract job.

Regarding the villa, he admitted that "although we had reached an agreement with the owner to purchase it, we had not yet gone ahead and purchased it," and regarding the use of synthetic materials for overseas office sites and support recipients, he apologized, saying, "We ignored compliance and put them out," and took responsibility for the situation.

In fact, more than half of Google's employees are either temporary or permanent employees. America is a freelance society, and contract employees also play an important role in the company and are part of the company.

Google's number of non-regular employees exceeds that of regular employees

The company had 102,000 full-time employees worldwide, but a much larger group of workers included 121,000 temporary and contract employees.

CNET Japan

Takaki Takehana is an investor

Takehana has now relocated to Dubai and is setting up a new business from scratch.

The reason Takehana moved to Dubai was because he felt that the environment in Japan was too lenient.

Mr. Takehana decided to move overseas because Japan has a high level of recognition and has the capital and influence to start a new business, which can lead to reliance on this when designing a business.

For this reason, some people may say that he moved to Dubai for tax purposes, but another reason he moved his base there was because of its good access to countries with thriving startup scenes such as India and Israel.

His excellent business acumen is evident from the fact that he was able to generate sales in just a few months from launching a new business in Dubai, despite having no personal connections or prospects.

MUP, which Takehana was running during the time of the controversy, has been merged into UR-U (Your Uni), and currently operates the UR-U Online Business School, with the theme of "learn all business skills with just one app."

UR-U (Your Uni) Official Website

A collaboration between Takaki Takehana and Yuta Misaki has come true! Here’s how it came about

We will tell you about how Takaki Takehana and Yuta Misaki came to collaborate.

This opportunity for discussion and collaboration came from Kazuki Sagi

There was one person who inspired Takaki Takehana and Yuta Misaki to hold a talk show and collaborate on YouTube. That person is  Kazuki Sagi .

Mr. Takehana's YouTube channel was also attended by Mr. Yuta Misaki's special guest, Kazuki Sagi. As a result of this appearance, they are both on the same business channel, and this time they finally had their first interview and collaborated on YouTube.

Here's the video that sparked the collaboration:

At last, the miracle conversation begins

The first time they met was on Misaki's YouTube channel. Misaki introduced Takehana by saying, "This will be the first time in the history of this channel that I will be having a conversation with someone I shouldn't meet," and that's when they first met.

The interview begins in an eerie atmosphere, with Misaki saying things like, "I'm at a loss for words (laughs)" and "It's kind of scary (laughs)."

The purpose of this interview was for Misaki to get Takehana to speak, frankly saying, "I want to know the real Takehana!" and "Please don't lie."

In Misaki's video, Takehana answered questions about the controversy from start to finish. He was admitted to everything from falsifying his resume to the vacation home and the composite images.

Finally, Mr. Misaki wanted to know about the donation of 101 million yen made on June 3, 2020 "for the children of Higashimurayama City."

In response to Misaki's question, "Is that true? Is it not a lie?" Takehana answered, "It's true. It's not a lie." He also confirmed that a  statement had been issued by Higashimurayama City  , and was convinced that the donations that had been doubted in the wake of the controversy were genuine.

Furthermore, on April 27, 2022, in  the Official Gazette No. 729  , it was announced that Mr. Ikeda had donated a large amount of his personal assets for the public good, and that he had been awarded the  Order of the Sacred Treasure and Cup by the Emperor.

The Dark Blue Ribbon Medal is one of Japan's honors, awarded to individuals who donate more than 5 million yen to public institutions or public interest corporations, and to organizations that donate more than 10 million yen.

This proves that Mr. Takehana's donation of 100 million yen is true.

After that, they collaborated on Takehana's YouTube channel. In this video, Takehana asks Misaki about his experiences as a businessman and entrepreneur, not on YouTube, and how he became successful.

In the video, Misaki candidly talks about why he started selling green juice, which earned him the nickname the Green Juice Prince, and even about how he was actually arrested.

Yuta Misaki’s channel collaboration video

Collaboration video with Takaki Takehana’s channel

Thanks to the collaboration, the controversy was resolved

Takaki Takehana and Yuta Misaki have reconciled through a video.

Changes to business influencers

In addition to Misaki, many other business influencers also made fun of and criticized Takehana when he was under fire.

One of them, Tabata Shintaro, has tweeted comments such as "I want to support him in the future" and "I'm in support of Takehana!" based on Takehana's attitude since the release of the collaboration video, showing his support for Takehana.

Former real estate company executives "Mineshima Shacho" and "Z Li", who ran the Shinjuku Concession, have also expressed their reassessment and praise for the company on Twitter.

In response to this, Takehana tweeted, "No, I'm really happy," and "I'm truly grateful to everyone," showing that he has regained trust among business influencers.

No, I'm really happy. I'm really grateful to  @tabbata  ,  @misakism13  ,  @mineshimasyacho  , and  @Kiss0fthedrag0n  . I never thought I'd ever speak to you again, but if there's anything I can do to help you, please just let me know.  https://t.co/7uFi8NTTX2— Takaki Takehana [Instagram/YouTube Main] (@takaki_takehana)  September 11, 2021


So far, we have introduced the circumstances that led to Takehana's controversy, his interview and collaboration with Misaki, and how he has repaired his relationship with the business influencer.

In the video, Takehana reflects on his past experiences, sincerely apologizes, and is making a new start. He has now moved to his overseas base and is starting a new business, working hard with new colleagues in an unfamiliar environment.

As seen in Misaki's video, Takehana also promised to try his hand at hosting as atonement for the controversy!

Takehana may host a special event in the future, so we look forward to new information.

Takaki Takehana YouTube  Yuta Misaki YouTube

Before Takaki Takehana collaborated with Yuta Misaki, he collaborated with President Takenouchi, the founder of Relax, who is famous as the man who earned 27 billion yen!

In the collaboration video with President Takenouchi, Takaki Takehana, who is usually assertive, is also shown to be flustered by President Takenouchi's barrage of questions.  For more information about the collaboration with President Takenouchi,  please see the article below.