Takaki Takehana’s intriguing income and annual salary!

[Evidence included!] A thorough explanation of businessman Takaki Takehana’s intriguing income and annual salary.

Nowadays, many business people are increasingly using social media.

Among them all,  Takaki Takehana is by far the most famous.

What's surprising is that he was born in 1992, making him 30 years older.

He is by far the youngest in the business world.

The Instagram and YouTube accounts of businessmen are glamorous and we all aspire to them.

I'm sure you've all seen Takaki Takehana's YouTube channel at least once.

Now, some of you may be wondering how much these businessmen actually earn annually.

This time, we will explain Takaki Takehana's income.

[Evidence included] Takehana Takaki’s annual income revealed!

Takaki Takehana has expanded his business around the world and shows no signs of slowing down.

Takaki Takehana is a businessman who is involved in various businesses.

Simply put, he is the largest in the UAE in  supporting Japanese companies to expand globally,  and is also said to be the largest in the country

and many other businesses, including Instagram marketing and the online school app URU. (  List of services provided by Takehana's company  )

So how much is his annual income?

Below we have summarized Takaki Takehana's annual income, so please read to the end.

Conclusion: Annual income is 3 billion yen / assets are about 10 billion yen

To put it in a nutshell, it is estimated that Takaki Takehana's annual income is around 3 billion yen, and his assets are easily worth over 10 billion yen.

He is truly  a businessman who has expanded his business around the world.

In fact, in 1940, he was awarded the "Dark Blue Ribbon Medal and Award Cup" by the Emperor and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the youngest and largest donor in the history of Japan, as reported in  the Official Gazette No. 729.

I also think that this alone is no small thing...

So, what is the basis for Takaki Takehana's annual income of 3 billion yen and assets of over 10 billion yen?

[Evidence] From Twitter’s payment statement

The evidence that Takaki Takehana's assets are over 10 billion yen can be found on his Twitter.

Takaki Takehana posted the financial report on his Twitter account.

According to the report, the company's annual sales are about 5 billion yen.

(4 billion from the corporation I manage, and 1 billion from dividends from investments)

His business generally falls into the information and services industry.

Profit margins in the information and service industries are high, with most exceeding 70%.

For example, in the Company Quarterly Report, Astera, an information and communications company, has an extremely high profit margin.

If you multiply the annual sales by 30% of the cost price and deduct taxes, it comes to roughly 2 billion yen, so we can estimate his annual income to be around that amount.

Source: Company Quarterly Report

Looking at Takehana's financial statements, his business is divided into two parts: overseas and domestic.

First, we can see that the annual sales of the domestic business is about 3 billion yen, as shown in the financial statements.

This means that if we multiply that by a profit margin of about 70%, it comes to about 2 billion yen, and after paying about 40% tax on that,

We can easily determine that about 1.2 billion yen belongs to him as a shareholder.

Therefore, his annual income from domestic operations is 1.2 billion yen.

Each company is gradually finishing its accounting. The annual turnover of the entire group is about 4 billion yen. If you include investments and companies that have not yet settled, it will probably reach 5 billion yen. The average age of the company is 26, and we still want to go crazy, and those who have fallen have no choice but to rise.  Lolpic.twitter.com/a9AAooUZm8 — This is Takaki Takehana. (@takaki_takehana)  March 26, 2022

Furthermore, the online school URU in Dubai has 13,000 students, and

I was skeptical and downloaded the app for free, but when you look inside the URU app, you

You can search for all the students' faces and information, so it's a number that can't be faked.

The school costs about 10,000 yen per month, and this alone generates about 1.5 billion yen in annual sales.

He has said in his own live broadcasts that since he lives in Dubai, everything is tax-free and his expenses are almost zero.

In fact, the tax number and certificate issued by the Dubai government have been made public, so

If you calculate it roughly based on the Dubai currency AED = 38 JPY, it comes to about 1.8 billion yen in one year. I don't think there's much of a discrepancy in the calculations. It's likely that the difference of several hundred million yen is due to  the overseas expansion business

He is doing in Dubai.

It has been more than three years since URU started, so a simple calculation would suggest that he has about 5 billion yen in cash.

Also, even if there is a discrepancy in the above prediction, it would be understandable if we corrected it with the actual stock price valuation.

Because rich people keep their assets in stocks, managers like Takehana

can sell the company at any time to get funds. When selling, the price of the company is valued at about 7 years' worth of EBITDA, so

The domestic business of 1.2 billion yen and the Dubai business of 1.8 billion yen total about 3 billion yen. If the assets are recorded based on the stock valuation of these companies,

It was thought that Takehana could cash out 20 billion yen if he sells the company.

Therefore, he currently has an annual income of about 3 billion yen (taxes paid) every year, and in terms of assets, the amount he has earned so far plus

The company's valuation is more than 20 billion yen.

amex black card

Another indicator of Takehana Takaki's annual income is his American Express card.

He  is the youngest person in Japan to receive an American Express Black Card.

To begin with, this card is said to be something that you can only get if you have assets of over 3 billion yen, so this is a big indicator of how much he got in his 20s.

A video was previously released revealing his credit cards and expenses, and

It is said that he spends over 20 million yen every month.

How much cost of living in Dubai (Takaki Takehana) It's amazing when you consider that he is spending more than the average person's annual income. Based on this calculation, Takehana Takaki's monthly income is just over 100 million yen. Converting this to an annual income would be around 2 billion yen, so the numbers would seem to add up.  Takehana Takaki | About the American Express Black Card

When he previously collaborated with Takenouchi, the founder of Rirakuru, he was 28 years old at the time and

He said that he had assets of about 3 billion yen, so his statements and evidence match  .

Also, in another video shoot, Aojiru Oji and Yuta Misaki raided Takehana's Dubai home.

When he suddenly had him open his bank account app to check his assets, Yuta Misaki gave

The evasive answer was "3000 Oji!" (In another video by Misaki, 1 Oji = 1 million yen, which is how Aojiru Oji counts his own currency), so we can assume that he really does have around 3 billion yen.

Raid on Takehana's Dubai home

Youngest person to donate the largest amount

In fact, in May 2022, Mr. Takehana was awarded the "Dark Blue Ribbon Medal and Award Cup" by the Emperor and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida as the youngest and largest donor in the history of Japan, as published in  the Official Gazette No. 729.

On September 23, 2021, he received a citizen's merit award ceremony in his hometown of Higashimurayama City. (Click  here  for the city newsletter)

Furthermore, in June 2020, he donated 101 million yen to support tablet education for children in Higashimurayama City, making a great contribution to society even while living overseas.

He’s on the rise in the media

In 2020, he was accused of having contracted work experience at Google as a "former Googler" and of having ties to politicians, and after the scandal, he said in his live broadcast that he had refrained from media activities and focused on his business, but in the past year, he has shown an astonishing rise in popularity. According to an analysis byYouTube channel analysis site "  YouTura  ", at one point, he was ranked 40,000th in the ranking of channel subscriber increases, and his media was completely halted, but after the scandal in 2021, his increase rose to the top.And this is despite the fact that he is in the business category, which normally does not explode to this extent. Usually, business YouTubers reach a limit in their growth once they exceed 100,000, and start to move into entertainment, but Takehana is the only one who continues to broadcast "only business information" and does not post any entertainment.Despite this, as of October 2022, he has exceeded 400,000 subscribers.

Not based on annual income, calculated based on assets

Takaki Takehana's annual income is about 3 billion yen, but this is only on a yearly basis, so  his assets are even more impressive.

His company is already in its fifth year.

The company is also creating new businesses one after another, and  if it could simply maintain annual sales of 5 billion yen for five consecutive years, it can be said that it has assets worth around 20 billion yen.

Assets worth 20 billion yen are an unimaginable sum for us.

Moreover, because he is by far the youngest in the business world, and considering the period during which he has been able to manage these assets, he is

able to make the most of benefits and other benefits compared to other business owners, which explains why he has an overwhelmingly larger amount of assets.

If you want to know more about his assets, check out the following article:

We’ve estimated Takehana’s annual income based on each of his businesses!

Takaki Takehana's annual income is something that ordinary people can never imagine.

Where does Takaki Takehana's annual income come from?

This time, we will also take a closer look at Takaki Takehana's annual income.

Please refer to the following to find out more about the sources of income for businessmen.

YouTube income

Takaki Takehana is famous for his YouTube business.

Takaki Takehana has about 400,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The number of views is also going well, with an average of over 10,000 views.

It is said that a YouTuber's monthly income is about 200,000 yen with 100,000 subscribers, so his YouTube earnings can be estimated to be around 400,000 yen per month.

That comes out to about 5 million yen per month.

Earnings at MDS

Takaki Takehana is mainly involved in the MDS business.

MDS is primarily engaged in marketing business, which is carried out worldwide.

Marketing is a high-margin business with very little cost.

In addition, MDS's marketing services are subscription-based, providing you with a stable income.

So this is a big source of income.

If you would like to know more about MDS Co., Ltd., please refer to the article below.

[Global scale!] Learn about MDS Co., Ltd., run by Takaki Takehana!

Income from online salons

Another business that Takehana Takaki is involved in is running an online salon.

The online salon is one of the largest in Japan, with a huge number of members.

If we do some simple math and assume there are 10,000 members and they pay 10,000 yen per month, that comes to 100 million yen per month alone.

That works out to 1.2 billion yen in sales per year.

For more information about Takehana Takaki's online salon, please see below.

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Income from overseas business

Takaki Takehana is a very good developer and overseas businessperson.

This was influenced by his past, when he spent many years in Hawaii.

Takehana Takaki  is currently developing a service that supports companies expanding overseas.

The overseas expansion support business has high profit margins and unit prices, so it will make a significant contribution to increased sales.

For more information on Takaki Takehana's overseas business, please see below.

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Other investment projects

In addition to the businesses mentioned above, Takaki Takehana is also involved in a variety of other businesses.

For example, this includes running restaurants, holding lectures, and fund businesses.

Takaki Takehana also  reportedly donated 100 million yen to his hometown of Higashimurayama.

Although donations are not part of their business, it is this feeling of being able to give something to others that has allowed them to carefully select items that have expanded their business and reaped great profits.

For more information about Takaki Takehana's donation, please see below.

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Why does Takaki Takehana have such a high annual income?

Takaki Takehana is involved in a variety of businesses.

Why does Takaki Takehana have such a high annual income?

Some people may find it hard to accept their annual income just by looking at their business.

Below, we will explain why Takaki Takehana's annual income is so high.

Because the business is large

The reason why Takehana Takaki's annual income is high is due to the scale of his business.

Typical Japanese companies have limited sales because their market is Japan.

There are hundreds of times more customers in the world than in Japan, and Takehana Takaki does business with the world.

That's because his sales volume and annual income are different from other company presidents.

High profit margins in business

Another reason why Takehana Takaki's annual income is high is the profit margin.

All of Takehana Takaki's businesses have high  profit margins.

This means more profits remain in the company and your annual income increases.

Even if we make sales of 10 billion yen, it's meaningless if we incur expenses of 9.9 billion yen.

On the other hand, Takehana Takaki maintains a high profit margin, so his annual income is also high.

The company is running a business that keeps up with the times.

Another reason why Takehana Takaki has a high annual income is that he is in tune with the times.

Currently, information-related products sell well in the business world.

Takaki Takehana's businesses include web marketing, online salons, and system development.

All of these businesses are information-related and perfectly in line with modern trends.

It could be said that Takehana Takaki is able to earn a high annual income precisely because he has ridden the trend of the times.

The reason why Takaki Takehana was able to grow his annual income to XX yen

Behind Takaki Takehana's high annual income are various businesses and successes.

However,  he used to work as an office worker just like us.

Today, he has grown into a well-known businessman.

Finally, we will explain why Takehana Takaki has grown to have an annual income of 2 billion yen.

I’ve put in a lot of effort

The reason why Takaki Takehana has been able to grow his annual income to 2 billion yen is due to his hard work.

He  has put in more effort than we could have ever imagined.

Apparently, while everyone around him was drinking and having fun with their friends, he worked forever.

It's quite moving to think that all that effort has led to my current annual income.

Below, we also introduce the life of Takaki Takehana.

I didn’t stop thinking

It seems that Takehana Takaki thought more than anyone else.

He grew up with parents who were business owners and  seemed to enjoy thinking about business and money.

He also said that he always had visions of success, but would fail again and again.

The fact that he never stopped thinking may be the reason why Takehana Takaki has the annual income he has today.

Because I had friends around me

The reason why Takehana Takaki has reached his current annual income is also due to his friends.

Takaki Takehana says that  when he first started his business, he ran it with his friends.

Even now, he has powerful allies around him.

He is ambitious, but also magnetic.

I think I've been able to achieve such great success thanks to my friends who have always supported me and pursued my dreams.


This time, we have introduced in detail about Takaki Takehana's annual income.

Takaki Takehana's annual income is unimaginable for ordinary people, but he is not earning it easily.

Continuing to work hard and pursuing my dreams with reliable friends has led to my current annual income and assets.

Why not follow Takehana Takaki's example and strive to achieve something?

Takaki Takehana's efforts are also introduced in the article below, so please take a look.