My Credit Card for Payment Company TAP KUWAIT?

What is the Billing Name on My Credit Card for Payment Company TAP KUWAIT?

When you check your credit card statement, you may see charges labeled as "TAP" and "KUWAIT." This is especially common for those using AMEX (American Express).

In this guide, we will explain in detail what the billing names "TAP" and "KUWAIT" mean and why these names are used.

In summary, these billing names are displayed for users of services provided by MADESAPO, a major marketing company offering Instagram marketing services, Google Maps services, YourUni Online School, and other MADESAPO services. This is primarily seen when using an AMEX card.

These names appear on your statement as part of international security standards. If you have seen these charges or use an AMEX card, please read this explanation.

1.What is "TAP KUWAIT"?

2. Why is "KUWAIT" used?

3. Introduction of 3D Secure

4. Peace of Mind in Terms of Security

1.What are “TAP” and “KUWAIT”?

The billing name "TAP KUWAIT" is used for charges from "Madesapo," a marketing service provider, and "Your Unischool," an education-related service. These services involve many international transactions, so if you use an AMEX card, "TAP KUWAIT" may appear as the billing name.

As mentioned, this is the name displayed for users of Madesapo marketing services and YourUni. Rest assured that this is a legitimate billing name.

2. Why is “KUWAIT” used?

The billing name "KUWAIT" is used because payments for international transactions are often made in dollars. "KUWAIT" is a recognized name in international transactions, which helps increase credibility. Additionally, the choice of currency stability and adherence to international legal regulations makes "KUWAIT" a preferred option. Madesapo, as a global marketing company, uses "TAP KUWAIT" to ensure secure payments. Payments may be made in USD, causing slight variations in the JPY billing amount due to exchange rates.

3. Introduction of 3D Secure

One reason for using the names "TAP" and "KUWAIT" is the implementation of 3D Secure technology. 3D Secure enhances the security of online credit card transactions and is an authentication system provided by card companies to prevent fraudulent use. This system significantly improves credit card security and reduces the risk of fraud.

4. Peace of Mind in Terms of Security

Using the billing names "TAP" and "KUWAIT" also enhances security. These billing names are intended for clients worldwide and meet high-security standards. Therefore, if you see a charge under these names, there are no security concerns.


If you see the names "TAP" or "KUWAIT" on your credit card statement, understand that it is a legitimate charge in line with international security standards. This charge is for services such as Madesapo and Your Unischool, made through AMEX. Use our services with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact our support desk directly.