Takaki Takehana & Relax Founder: Controversial Collaboration

A thorough explanation of the collaboration video between “Relax Founder” Takenouchi, who made 27 billion yen, and Takaki Takehana, who caused a huge uproar

We will be explaining the collaborative video between President Takenouchi Norihiro, the founder of Relax, who  made about 27 billion yen by selling shares, and Takehana Takaki, who caused a huge uproar  in 2020 when he said he was a "former Googler"!

In the video, President Takenouchi is not shy about asking Mr. Takehana about the scandal, his business, assets, and other matters that have been in the dark until now. This is an article that explains the current situation of Mr. Takehana, who has been under fire, through a thorough discussion without any bias and honesty.


  • What was the collaboration between Mr. Takehana and President Takenouchi like?
  • What is President Takenouchi's approach to business?
  • Is UR-U (Your Uni) (formerly MUP College) run by Mr. Takehana really any good?


What is the background of President Takenouchi and Takaki Takehana?

We will provide a detailed explanation about President Takenouchi and Takaki Takehana, who are currently in the talk of the town!

Who is President Takenouchi?


Profile of President Takenouchi

  • Real name: Yukihiro Takenouchi
  • Born: 1977
  • Hometown: Osaka

He founded Rirakuru and expanded it to 600 stores in seven years. He then sold his shares for 27 billion yen. He is currently the chairman of T's Investment Co., Ltd. He is currently involved in over 20 diverse businesses.

T's Investment Co., Ltd. Official Website

Did President Takenouchi inherit his business sense from his mother?

From a young age, President Takenouchi saw his parents arguing over money, and he began to vaguely desire to become rich.

My mother was an incredibly frugal person and she told me one such story.

Apparently, relatives were gathered together and talking with the TV on when suddenly the TV was unplugged.

My mother would say, "If you're not watching TV, I unplugged it because it's a waste of electricity," and she was the kind of person who saved money wherever possible and spent it wherever possible.

There is no exaggeration to say that  my mother now managed the household finances with the sense of being a business owner.

The book that changed President Takenouchi

After graduating from high school,  she attended college for only four months  . She decided to drop out because she didn't find college very interesting and to become a hairdresser!

It was a decision that an 18-year-old boy would not have been able to make. It is clear that even back then, he was unconsciously following President Takenouchi's "  unconventional rules for success."

President Takenouchi's YouTube channel, "Unconventional Rules for Success," is named after a book written by Masanori Kanda, "Unconventional Rules for Success," which President Takenouchi read a long time ago.


Unconventional Rules for Success [New Edition]

Written by Masanori Kanda, a key figure in the business book world who has created a new style of management and marketing book and popularized various learning tools such as "photo reading" and "mind mapping" in Japan.


Since becoming a hairdresser, he has achieved extraordinary results, including being poached by others in the industry and being put in charge of five hair salons and consulting for them at the age of 21.

Founded Relax and expanded to 600 directly managed stores

After that, he founded Relax in 2009. While franchising is the mainstream way to increase the number of stores, he increased the number of directly managed stores to 600 in just seven years. By simple calculation, it means that he opened more than 80 new stores per year.

What is Relax?

Relax is a massage specialty store with over 600 locations nationwide, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Relax Official Website

After the expansion, we sold our shares in Rirakuru twice and raised approximately 27 billion yen.

He has not kept the money from the sale, but has instead started over 20 businesses, including a bread shop, a tapioca shop, a members-only club, and a bread shop, making him an active businessman.

President Takenouchi's first book has been published!

This book contains everything about President Takenouchi's life up to the present day, including stories from his childhood and student days, the struggles he faced as a hairdresser, the history of Relax and expand to 600 stores since its founding, and how he made his 27 billion yen.

I actually bought and read it, and it's a very educational book for people involved in business, as it teaches you how to expand your store and how to start a business without failing.


The story of how an unknown man earned 27 billion yen in just seven years (Fusosha BOOKS)

This is the first book by Norihiro Takenouchi, who founded the relaxation shop "Relaxcle," which can be found on street corners all over Japan, and achieved great success with over 600 directly managed stores in just seven years. He not only writes about the behind-the-scenes success of "Relaxcle," but also about the "business philosophy" that has made the various businesses he currently develops successful one after another.


Who is Takaki Takehana?

Takaki Takehana's profile

  • Real name: Takaki Takehana
  • Born: 1992
  • Hometown: Tokyo

In 2017, at the age of 24, he went independent and founded Lim, a social media analysis and marketing company. In the four years since its founding, he has helped attract 45,000 individuals and corporations. He sold the company in June 2020. He currently manages investment funds and foundations, teaches the online education platform UR-U as a hobby, and raps in hip-hop. In 2020, he came under fire for describing his experience as a contract worker at Google as "former Googler" and for using synthetic materials in his office and website.

Takaki Takehana's official Instagram

Takaki Takehana’s overwhelming efforts

Takehana started Lim as a side job while working at Recruit.

Through overwhelming hard work and learning methods from overseas and arranging them in his own way, he developed a successful Instagram customer acquisition system in Japan.

He even works on the train from Kamakura to Tokyo Station. After that, the scale of his Instagram marketing services expanded and he became independent.

After going independent, I started live streaming videos that I had been making to improve the efficiency of employee training, and viewers told me they found them interesting, so I started MUP College.

Takaki Takehana is a pioneer in disseminating business skills

Nowadays, many people are posting about business on YouTube, but when Takehana started MUP, there were still few people posting about business. MUP quickly gained nearly 30,000 paid subscribers after its launch.

Subsequently, in 2020, he was accused of falsifying his resume by describing a business contracted by Google as a former Google employee, and of doctoring and reposting office photos, which sparked a huge outrage.

Videos related to the controversy over Takaki Takehana were uploaded to YouTube every day, and the controversy spread across various social media platforms, including Twitter, where he was bashed.

About nine months after the controversy, he also made headlines for his collaboration with Yuta Misaki, also known as Aojiru Prince, who had uploaded a video about the controversy over Takaki Takehana.

[Big controversy] Takaki Takehana and Prince of Green Juice (Yuta Misaki) have a forbidden collaboration! What is the surprising face that Takaki Takehana showed?

In the video, Takaki Takehana appeared to be apologizing and reflecting on his past mistakes, such as his comments about a former Google employee and his mansion in Bali.

He also stated in the video that he had reconciled with Yuta Misaki and that he would like to develop business together in the future.

After the controversy, MUP changed its name and merged with  the online business school UR-U (Your Uni)  , and currently has around 10,000 students enrolled.

Takehana is a lecturer at UR-U, an online business school with approximately 10,000 students. Takehana's practical lectures, delivered in a sharp-tongued tone, are overwhelmingly popular within UR-U.

Additionally, UR-U is always supporting the growth of its students, including by investing in their businesses.

In 2020, he came under fire for falsifying his resume, but he also showed his sincere and honest side by personally visiting business partners and related companies across the country to apologize.

Takaki Takehana starts a new business overseas

He moved to Dubai in June 2021. With no connections or personal connections, he went to Dubai and founded a company with the aim of starting a business from scratch.

It seems that President Takenouchi and Takaki Takehana are currently on frequent phone calls, and President Takenouchi himself has talked about Takaki Takehana's time in Dubai on his YouTube channel.

In the video, President Takenouchi also said, "The only people I can become friends with are people I consider to be truly excellent business executives because I can speak from my own perspective. One of those people I can speak from my own perspective is Takehana Takaki."

President Takenouchi has a remarkable track record, so the fact that Takehana said this shows that he is an excellent businessman.

Awarded the Dark Blue Ribbon Medal and a trophy for donating 100 million yen to Higashimurayama City

In 2020, Takehana, who was 27 years old at the time, donated 101 million yen to his hometown of Higashimurayama, where he spent his childhood.

The Higashimurayama City website  has information on how the donations will be used and an interview with the mayor.

Furthermore, on April 27, 2022 , in  Issue 729 of the Official Gazette  , he donated a large amount of his personal assets to the public good and was awarded  the Order of the Sacred Treasure and Cup by the Emperor.

The Dark Blue Ribbon Medal is one of Japan's honors, awarded to individuals who donate more than 5 million yen to public institutions or public interest corporations, and to organizations that donate more than 10 million yen.

His ability to think about his children's future and education and the actions he then takes are truly impressive.

President Takenouchi talks about Takaki Takehana

Takehana has stated on his Instagram and YouTube channel that he was "tired of only doing business in Japan, and wanted to start from scratch overseas."

As he said, he is currently developing many businesses overseas, including real estate and systems. He has already received orders from many companies, and we are looking forward to seeing him achieve even greater success.

Mr. Takehana posts updates on his current situation on a blog and on his company's website.

MDS Group Official Blog

Collaboration video on President Takenouchi’s channel

When the collaboration took place, the flames surrounding Takehana had calmed down a bit. President Takenouchi said that everyone around him was against the collaboration.

However, President Takenouchi has always been aware that success would only come through unconventional methods, and he overcame opposition from those around him to make the collaboration a reality.

It was a very refreshing experience to watch the scene where Takehana became embarrassed in response to President Takenouchi's unhesitant questions.

Did President Takenouchi like Mr. Takehana?

At the beginning of the video, President Takenouchi suddenly states that he "liked" Takehana.

He said he had been watching Takehana's videos for some time.

The reason for this is that "  I can understand what they are saying."

I think this is the opinion of a fellow business owner. Furthermore, in the comments of President Takenouchi's channel video, he said, "Although Mr. Takehana caused a firestorm, many people say that what he said is correct."

Copy thoroughly (TTP strategy)

When President Takenouchi asked, "Why is UR-U (Your Uni) able to produce such great content?" Takehana replied that it was because he put into practice the idea of ​​"  plagiarizing thoroughly" (commonly known as TTP) that he learned during his time at Recruit.

It could also be said that this is because they followed the law that by imitating what is good, you can achieve rational success.

Furthermore, President Takenouchi said that he was "thoroughly copying" Takehana.

President Takenouchi also stated that this is an extremely important aspect of the business world, saying, "  There is no business that has been created without thorough plagiarism."

RIO (CAFE & BAR)  , a cafe in Jinnan, Shibuya Ward, run by Takehana's group company, is currently so popular that reservations are difficult to obtain.

Regarding the cafe, President Takenouchi said, "At first I thought there was no way it would be a success, so I'm jealous to hear that it's a success."

Takehana believes that the reason his cafe RIO (CAFE&BAR) became successful is because it thoroughly imitated a popular cafe nearby.

He discovered that the reason the cafe was so popular was because people were allowed to bring their dogs, and he has since meticulously imitated this in his own store, lowering the height of the sofas to make it easier for pets to interact with their owners and providing a menu for pets, among other creative innovations, which has helped the store to grow into a thriving business.

As expected, it seems that the chances of a business's success have increased dramatically by thoroughly copying a business that already has demand.

Takenouchi declares that the allegations against Takaki Takehana are false.

President Takenouchi stated categorically that Takehana "did not obtain this large sum of money by defrauding people."

The reason for this is that MUP College is a monthly subscription service, and if you don't like the content, you can cancel immediately.

President Takenouchi also said, "People who haven't downloaded the app are criticizing it from outside without even looking at the content."

At the end of the video, President Takenouchi even said, "  It would be a waste to stop watching Takehana's videos because of the controversy. Next time, let him be recognized for his ability  ." The candid conversation between the two is very fascinating, as we can learn about each other's businesses.

Collaboration video on President Takenouchi's channel

Collaboration video on Takaki Takehana’s channel

On President Takenouchi's YouTube channel, he asked some very in-depth questions, but this time, Mr. Takehana is the one asking the questions!

Next, we will explain the collaborative video with President Takenouchi on Takehana's channel.

How much will President Takenouchi pay to buy Takehana’s business?

When Takehana asked President Takenouchi, "How much would you offer for my business?", President Takenouchi replied, "Let me see a little more."

He gives the reason that he "wants to see it continue to grow," and remains cautious about business.

I want to invest in Mr. Takehana personally, not in the business,  " says President Takenouchi. Why?

Takehana has been particularly focused on adapting overseas methods to suit Japanese tastes in the company's current business operations, and it seems President Takenouchi hopes that he will play a part in this.

Since Mr. Takehana is fluent in foreign languages, he is thinking of bringing in business from overseas and having President Takenouchi turn it into a business. He believes that Mr. Takehana has value similar to that of an import business.

Was Takehana Takaki visiting as a psychiatrist?

When President Takenouchi actually met Mr. Takehana, he was surprised at how humble he was.

President Takenouchi said that the Takehana he sees on social media is merely playing a character, and that "Takehana is actually a good person," saying that he is humble, considerate, and an extremely capable businessman.

It is true that no excellent person has a bad attitude.

In the video, Takehana revealed for the first time that he had been visiting a psychiatrist for "  anger control."

Anger control is the ability to control anger and deal with it appropriately. It is also called anger management. It is a psychological training method that was proposed and popularized in the United States in the 1970s, and became common in Japan in the 2000s. In recent years, it has been used as a skill to facilitate smooth communication in both work and private life.

Career College for Qualifications

Takehana apparently became angry at people who did not agree with what he said, and was unable to control himself.

It seems that the company's CEO, Mr. Takehana, has had a painful past in which he destroyed his own organization.

President Takenouchi also revealed that when he was a hairdresser, he would get angry at his employees and was extremely disliked by them.

He said he was hurt when an employee said to him during a meeting, "  That's why everyone hates you!"

President Takenouchi says that people should not think, "If I can do it, why can't they do it?"

It seems that a company will not grow unless it creates a system that makes it possible for anyone to work there.

Collaboration video on Takaki Takehana's channel

Even after their collaboration, the two continue to keep in touch and maintain a good relationship.


With President Takenouchi at the center, we have delved into Takehana's gray area and written about each other's businesses.

I also got the strong impression that  President Takenouchi and Mr. Takehana respect each other. It is clear that they share the same thoughts and ideas about the business.

What we have in common is that we learn from our mistakes and strive to grow every day, which is what gives us our strength as first-class managers.

He has the confidence to take on challenges without fear of failure and succeed. He also humbles and considerates, and is always ready to learn - something I want to emulate.

Takaki Takehana YouTube  President Takenouchi YouTube

After collaborating with President Takenouchi and Takehana, a photo shoot with Yuta Misaki sparked the controversy.

There is also an article summarizing the collaboration  between Takaki Takehana and Yuta Misaki, so please take a look if you're interested.