Japan’s most notable entrepreneur! Takaki Takehana’s

A thorough explanation of Takaki Takehana’s company profile!

The IT revolution has led to an increase in venture entrepreneurs and famous entrepreneurs these days.

Some of you may be watching and learning  from various entrepreneurs on YouTube.

Among them, Takaki Takehana is one of the entrepreneurs attracting the most attention.

Takaki Takehana founded an IT company and expanded overseas within three years, and the speed and scale of his success are one of the reasons for his growing popularity.

Some of you reading this article may be watching Takehana Takaki's YouTube videos.

At this time,  we will introduce the company profile of Takehana Takaki, so please read to the end.

Take a look at this unknown side of Takaki Takehana and make some new discoveries!

First of all, what kind of person is Takehana Takaki?


First, let's take a closer look at who Takehana Takaki is as a person in order to get an overview of his company.

Takaki Takehana is well known for having had an interesting career that is different from that of the average entrepreneur.

Below,  we will introduce Takaki Takehana's interesting career  , so please read to the end.

Build a diverse career including working for overseas companies

A typical entrepreneur starts a business by utilizing experience gained from a Japanese venture company or university.

On the other hand, Takaki Takehana does not fit this example,  as he studied abroad and started a business there and studied hard at university.

Later, during his working life, Takehana Takaki worked on a global stage, including at a Google affiliate and a company launching new businesses overseas.

Takaki Takehana's career experience working for a foreign company has had a major influence on the way his company is running today.

Become independent from a side job

Some of you may find this surprising, but Takehana Takaki has actually had a job once.

Then, while I was working, I started my own business while working a side job.

It's easy to feel a sense of familiarity with  Takaki Takehana's now extremely famous company, which originally started as a side job.

When he was working, Takehana Takaki never went drinking with anyone, but instead reserved a green seat on the train every morning and worked a side job.

That hard work is what has made the company what it is today.

Expanding business globally

After starting his own company as a side hustle, Takaki Takehana expanded his business globally in just a few years and made it a huge success.

This success is possible thanks to Takaki Takehana's childhood spent abroad.

Takaki Takehana is currently based in Dubai, where he is developing a business that supports Japanese companies in expanding overseas.

This business is also doing very well, with  several hundred business managers from Japan each month apparently considering expanding into Dubai.

So you're making use of your experience working for global companies such as Google.

About Takaki Takehana’s company profile

Takaki Takehana currently operates businesses all over the world, but what kind of business does his company conduct?

Some of you may be thinking, "I know Takehana Takaki, but I don't know anything about his company."

At this time, we  will provide a thorough explanation of Takehana Takaki's company profile below.

Global company MDS

The company run by Takaki Takehana is called MDS Co., Ltd.

Below is an overview of the company he runs, MDS.

Group Business Contents UAE Accounting / Tax / auditing Marketing support System development Investment management M &A broker Store management IT consulting Online education
Business Location MDS Co., Ltd.: 1-6-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Jordi Building B1MDS STORES Co., Ltd.: 1-6-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Jordi Building 1MDS Pte, Ltd.: AmberGarden, #04-03, Singapore 439957MDS Limited: Room 907 Silvercord Tower 2, 30 Canton Road, T sim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HKMDS FUND LLC: Office 1002, Burj Gate Tower, Burj Khalifa district, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAEMDS FUND DIGITAL MARKETING LLC: Office # 414, Emaar Business Park, Building 4, The Greens, Dubai, UAERio Co., Ltd.: 1-6-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Jordi Building 2F
Capital MDS Co., Ltd.: ¥1,000,000 MDS FUND Co., Ltd.: ¥9,900,000 MD Science Co., Ltd.: ¥43,000,000 MDS Pte. Ltd.: ¥13,000,000 MDS FUND LLC: ¥12,000,000 MDS FUND DIGITAL LLC: ¥12,000,000 MDS Limited.: ¥10,000 (※C) Lim Co., Ltd.: ¥3,000,000 LimGlobal Co., Ltd.: ¥9,900,000 LimConsulting Co., Ltd.: ¥9,900,000 MDS STORE Co., Ltd.: ¥24,000,000 Total: ¥147,700,000
inquiry MDS CorporationContact: contact@mds-fund.com TEL: 03-4400-2699
Company website https://www.mds-fund.com/
Corporate YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@mdsofficial9763

Takaki Takehana's Company Profile

A notable feature of Takaki Takehana's company profile is that it operates worldwide.

There are also many related businesses,  which shows how large his company is.

Also, his focus is on Dubai, where he has three offices, and we can see that he has a large business presence around the world.

A wide range of industries


Takaki Takehana runs a wide range of businesses through his parent company, MDS.

For example, his businesses are diverse, including a marketing company, an accounting firm, an overseas expansion business, an education business, and a restaurant business.

As mentioned in the company profile, the  company has expanded into various fields around the world  , which is why it has grown to this point.

In addition, the following businesses operated by Takaki Takehana are among the largest in Japan and form the core of his sales.

  • Online salon "UR-U"
  • Cloud Startup
  • Dubai overseas expansion support
  • Marketing and MEO business
  • MDS Fund Business

If you want to understand MDS's company profile, it is recommended that you first understand the above businesses.

Currently focusing on overseas expansion business

Takaki Takehana is involved in a wide range of businesses, but is currently focusing on expanding into overseas markets.

Did you know that Takaki Takehana is  currently running a business supporting Japanese companies in expanding into Dubai?

In fact, there is only one company in Dubai that can provide support for overseas expansion.

That is MDS, run by Takehana Takaki.

Since then, MDS has been the only company officially recognized by the government and has been very successful in its overseas expansion business.

If you are considering expanding overseas, be sure to check out the following article.

Here’s what makes Takaki Takehana so great! Introducing the company profile and features!

By this point, you should have a general understanding of Takehana Takaki's company profile.

Takaki Takehana is focusing on overseas business, and some of you may be wondering  what is so great about his company profile.

To cut straight to the point, his company has experienced extraordinary growth compared to other venture companies and has grown to an enormous scale.

Below, we will introduce the company profile and characteristics of Takehana Takaki, so please refer to it.

Speed ​​and growth rate

The defining features of Takaki Takehana's company are its speed and growth rate.

Takaki Takehana started an overseas expansion support business in Dubai in 2022  , and as of 2023, and has already handled applications from several hundred people.

Many Japanese business owners have actually relocated to Dubai, which shows how quickly their business is growing.

In addition, Takaki Takehana began his business in earnest in 2018 and has expanded his company globally in less than two years.

Takaki Takehana's company was built from scratch, but when you think about how it has reached its current state in less than five years, it's incredible how quickly it has grown.

Overwhelming popularity

Another distinctive feature of Takehana Takaki's company is its popularity.

Takaki Takehana has just under 500,000 subscribers on YouTube  , and all of his videos have received high numbers of views.

Furthermore, the online salon "UR-U" and agency business "Cluster" that he runs are among the largest in Japan, with many people applying every month.

He has been very successful in every business he undertakes, and many people have been influenced by Takaki Takehana.


Achievement and Trust

The great thing about Takaki Takehana's company is not just its popularity.

Takaki Takehana's company has a proven track record and is trustworthy.

At the online salon  "UR-U," more than 60% of members are earning an income  , and the agency business "Cluster" has produced members who are earning 1 million yen a month as a side job, so the educational business has a proven track record.

Additionally, our support for overseas expansion into Dubai has already seen nearly 100 business owners decide to relocate within the first year of launching the service, and we are also seeing solid results.

The marketing business also records sales in the billions of yen, which is proof that the company has gained the trust of many people.

As mentioned above, it is clear that Takehana Takaki's company is popular with many people because of its proven track record and trustworthiness.

Unified company philosophy

Another characteristic of Takaki Takehana's company is its unified corporate philosophy.

At MDS, our philosophy is that people of different races work for their own freedom.

In fact, MDS  employs not only Japanese people, but also people from Pakistan and the UAE  , so our workforce is diverse.

All employees have the freedom to work regardless of time or place.

MDS is able to perform at such a high level because it provides employees with the most comfortable working environment.

What does the future hold? Introducing Takaki Takehana’s company overview and outlook

Finally, based on Takehana Takaki's company profile , we will consider the company's future prospects.

Takaki Takehana's company is sure to continue to grow.

So how do you develop the company from now on?

Below, we have made  three predictions about the future of Takaki Takehana's company based on its history, so please read on to find out more.

Globally active

Takaki Takehana's company is likely to become even more active globally in the future.

Takaki Takehana founded the company and grew it into a global enterprise in less than two years.

We now have three offices in Dubai and  our company there is already growing in size.

It is possible that in a few years or decades, the company will expand to even more countries and become a major company known around the world.

Becoming a leader in human resource development

Takaki Takehana's company has the potential to become a major player in human resource development.

Takaki Takehana's company currently boasts one of the largest sales in Japan in the online salon development business.

There is no doubt that online learning will become even more common in the future.

With the current trend in mind, could it be that Takehana Takaki's online salon business will emerge as a new major human resource development service?

New Business

Takaki Takehana has been involved in a wide variety of business ventures to date.

Looking at this trend, there is also the prospect of creating further new businesses.

Perhaps something much bigger than our current business will emerge.

The rate and speed of growth of his company gives me a sense of  potential.


This time, we introduced the company profile of Takaki Takehana.

Takaki Takehana's company is already a global corporation, active around the world.

It may not be too far off in the future that such a company will become one of Japan's leading IT companies.

Below, we will introduce Takaki Takehana's career history,